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--What is my and my athletes time commitment:

  • Our season begins mid to late July, practice then will be Monday - Thursday 6:00- 8:30 (times are subject to change if needed) 

  • Practices are held on the practice field at Pleasant Valley High school.

  • Games will begin in mid to late August around that time practices will downsize 6:00 - 8:00

  • We will have a jamboree and or scrimmage one week or two prior to official games starting. 

  • Games are held on Saturdays (there may be a possible Sunday game if needed for scheduling) game times per team are 8u @ 10am, 10u @ 12pm, 12U @ 2pm and 14U @ 4pm. Athletes are asked to arrive an hour and a half or two before the start of the game for check in and warm up. 

  • Game schedules will be posted and handed out, if an athlete cannot make practice or a game it is the parents responsibility to communicate that with your head coach and or team mom. Any changes will be sent out as soon as they occur. 

  • There will be a snack list for parents to help out with on game day.

  • We have several fundraisers throughout the season; they are not mandatory but benefit the program. 

  • For our communication platform we use BAND app- Especially as the season begins for any last minute updates or game changes. 

--My child has never cheered or played football before, can he/she still sign up? /What team will they be on?

  •  We encourage all athletes no matter their level of skill or just trying out a new sport. 

  • Teams are broken up into 4 groups based on age only as of August 1 of this year : 

  • 8u Team - ages 7,8

  • 10u Team - ages 9 & 10

  • 12u Team - ages 11& 12 If you are in 8th grade must play on 14u

  • 14u Team - ages 13 & 14 - cannot be in highschool

--What equipment do we need to purchase and what is provided?

  • Your registration includes the use of a helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, game day jersey and game day pants.

  • At the time of the equipment hand out (TBD) there is an equipment deposit due in the amount of $250 in check form. This check WILL NOT be cashed unless equipment isn't returned or damage to the equipment is further than the regular wear and tear from playing. 

  • Parents will need to provide cleats, mouth guard, practice pants and a water jug. It is strongly suggested to have a large water jug as August is VERY hot. I also suggest purchasing a few mouth guards as they are the first thing to get lost and athletes cannot hit the field without one. 

--Can Parents attend and watch practice?

  • Yes, parents are encouraged but don't have to stay for practice. There is a sectioned area for parents. 

  • Per SYF any person without a badge cannot be on the practice or game day field.

--Will my athlete make the team? Will my athlete be guaranteed playing time?

  • Depending on team size at time of registration, your athlete may not get placed on a team, you can reach out to a board member to see if there are other options. 

  • SYF does not have a minimum play rule. Playing time will be at coaches discretion and earned during practice time, and at coaches discretion. 

  • Positions will be made for players by the coaching staff with several contributing factors, the positions may or may not be permanent - team needs are priority. Please support your athlete even if they feel it is not the spot for him it is always a bonus to learn new things.

--What are the registration fees? Are there any extra fees once the season begins?

  • Registration is from $380 - $495 (which includes a $100 non refundable dep/site fees) depending on when you register. Once registration is open earlier will get you a better price.

  • When you register there is an option for a payment plan. 

  • There is a required equipment and volunteer hours check ($250 &$150) these checks will not be cashed as long as all requirements are fulfilled - That is return equipment and volunteer hours are met (4 hours per athlete) Checks will be returned or destroyed at the end of season when items are completed and returned.

  • If your athlete decides to not play before Jamboree there is an opportunity for a refund minus the $50 non refundable deposit. 

  • We are a non profit and could use the support in participating with our fundraising efforts and events. 

  • If you own a company or have family or friends that want to become a sponsor have them reach out to any board member and find the form on our website.

--What paper work will I need to register?

  • All athletes need to have a medical clearance form can be found on the web site. It must be completed after April 1st, be sure to get the docs stamp and signature.

  • Athletes need proof of age,(Aeries  if you are a returner the player card will do. 

  • Get any forms you might need from the school before they close down for summer.

  • If you are homeschooling your child or their school does not use Aeries a letter from the school with their letter head that states the name, birthdate and age of the athlete and the head person's signature will work. 

Please check out our website at and if you have any further questions please email our president at [email protected] or vice president at [email protected] we will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can. 

We look forward to meeting you!! 

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